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ISO Certification

ISO Certification is one of the most important quality standards for all types of organizations. The ISO Certification provides a boost to the sales of the industries. The ISO standards ensure that the products and services provided by the companies are as per the consumer requirement and regulatory requirements. Besides this, having an ISO ensure continuous improvements in the products and services.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an independent international non – governmental organization that strives to create standards to ensure the best quality, safety, and efficiency of the products and services delivered by the companies. The ISO certification is also done for the management systems, manufacturing process, documentation process. ISO certification is done in almost all industries and services.

We are an eFiling company that provides all types of ISO certification for various industries and services. We offer to the clients’ significant ISO certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 1400z, OHSAS 1800, ISO 20000, ISO 50001 etc. We have an experience of more than seven years in the certification industry. We have an excellent team of experienced professional auditors and engineers who help us with the certification.

Low Cost ISO Certification - eFiling Company

Let us understand what is included in our ISO Certification package –


We consult the client for all their needs. Our team of professionals understands the type of business being carried out and how it can be enhanced with the help of ISO certification. We also suggest what type of ISO would be best for their needs.

Drafting of application

We help in drafting the application to take the ISO certification. Our team collects all the necessary documentation and details.

Preparing policy standards

Every company has its objective and vision. Based on the same, we prepare the ISO Policy for the particular client. The ISO Policy prepared becomes the base for preparing all other related policies for the companies. This varies from one company to another. The policies are prepared depending on the needs of a particular company.

Issuance of certificate

Once the application is filed, the next step is to prepare the policies. The required documents are prepared and checked against the industry that wishes to take the certification based on the policies. Our auditors then conduct a surveillance audit and check all the documents. They also do random sampling wherever required. If everything goes well, we issue the certificate to the industry. There could be non – conformities, both minor and major. We also advise the client to work upon the non – conformities and convert them into proper policy standards so that the certificate can be continued in the next audit.

Benefits of ISO Certification

When we say about ISO Certification, we thought it is also necessary that you understand the benefits of ISO Certification –

The international credibility of the company: 

Any ISO standard company has international credibility and is valued utmost across the globe. This certification vouches for the quality services and products which you supply to your clients.

When you have an ISO Certificate, it changes the way you look at your products and services. The methods of production would improve, and this eventually results in better services to the customers. Thus increasing your customer and profits.

Whenever there are any government tenders, the ISO certification gives a better boost for your chances of being L1. You can have a better edge over your competitors.

The efficiency of the business increases:

The business follows various types of SOP; these are improved based on the ISO policies framed for the business. This ultimately makes the business more efficient and excellent in the coming times.

The quality of the product and services improves: 

The companies ensure that they are of international standards. The chances of rejection of the products are services are zeroed down to nil, thus improving the company’s profit share.

Marketing is one of the major aspects for every business improves. Having an ISO Certificate is itself a major marketing highlight for any company. This certification shows that you would be providing international standard products and services as per the policies framed under ISO.

We are here to help any industry that wishes to have an ISO Certification. Though this certification may seem tough, come to us and get it done in simple steps. Our charges are also very reasonable.

Documents required for ISO Registration

PAN Card

Passport size photographs

Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card

Two copies of sales Or purchase bills

ISO Registration Procedure

It is equally important to understand the process of ISO registration. We are sharing few simple steps which we follow –

Step 1

Filling in the ISO registration form, which is provided by our team. This is a simple form and would hardly take 10 minutes of your time. The significant documents needed are as per below –

  • Company’s pan Card Copy
  • Passport size photo of the owner of the company
  • Voter Id Copy or Adahar Card Copy is applicable
  • Copies of the sales and purchase bills raised in the near past

These documents should also be sent to us through email, and they should be attached along with our application form.

Step 2

Selection of the ISO certification required. There is a plethora of ISO certification which is done for all types of industries and services. You should know the relevance for your business. Accordingly, you should choose the most appropriate for your company. There is a list available along with our application; you can choose from them. You need not worry about the process because the process remains the same for all types of certification.

Step 3

Submission of the documents – once we receive all the relevant details, we arrange to submit them to the registrar. The registrar verified the documents and informed if any additional details are required; if there are no issues, the documents are registered.

Step 4

Once the documents are confirmed and registered, we arrange for the auditors to audit the documents submitted. If we feel that we need to explain to you any policy or make changes, then our experts do the same and then finally arrange to issue the ISO Certificate through email and arrange to courier a hard copy of the same.