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Forming of charitable trust

The formation of charitable trust requires some amount of deliberation and documentation. Those companies who wish to start a trust should remember that it has to be registered under the societies act. Many companies provide the services of getting the charitable trust registered in India. We at are the leading experts in gaining the trust registered at a reasonable rate of Rs. 12,999/-. We ensure that all the documentation and requirements of a trust are in place, and you can start the same without any hassles.

We take care of the entire registration process for the charitable trust in a very efficient manner. We also suggest to the clients what type of trust formation they should depend upon their philanthropic activities. To have better clarity on the kind of trusts, let us understand them –

Meaning of trust

charitable trust essentially means an arrangement in which the property is handed over or vested in a person who can use the property or dispose of the same to benefit another party. The trusts are generally classified into two categories –

Public trust formation

Public trust formation means a non-profit charitable trust. You can call them an NGO. Ideally, such organizations work on a non-profit basis – this essentially means that whatever profits they earn are used to better the target audience. Every business needs to have a proper setup method irrespective of whether they are a profit or non-profit organization. There are various rules, laws, and regulations to be followed to start an NGO. Unlike regular companies, the NGO may need less time if all the rules, regulations, and documentation are correctly followed.

The purpose of a non-profit charitable trust

  1. To set up an educational institute or a school which aims at providing education to socially backward children.
  2. To set up a hospital or a nursing home to provide primary health and medical facilities to the poor and backward villages.
  3. To start a nursing home for the senior citizens who have been left at the mercy of their children, homes for the widows, orphaned children, and handicapped.
  4. To promote women empowerment, child and women health.
  5. Provide skilled training for the backward class families to help them to earn their earnings. To make them self-dependent.
  6. To take care of the spiritual side of the people. To provide sermons and lectures on motivation and prayers. To set up temples and conduct various religious activities.
  7. Environment protection is also significant for society; this is possible through a charitable trust.
  8. Basic amenities for the poor like food, water, etc.
  9. Private trust formation

The private charitable trust is the trust where the beneficiaries are the individuals or families. This type of trust aims at providing benefits to specific persons. The primary purpose of a private trust is –

  1. Provide help and welfare to a particular member of the family.
  2. Manage or preserve a particular property.

The main document required for the charitable trust registration is the trust deed. The trust deed is the document that defines the aims, objectives, vision, and mission of a particular trust. We provide the client the services of preparing the trust deed. We have lawyers who have specialized in trust registration, and thus they can make the right kind of aim and objective depending on the activity undertaken for the trust.

The trust deed also mentions the management hierarchy for the trust. It shall also include the mission, vision, details about the governing body members, and also the activities in particular which are planned for the NGO. Those clients who wish to have their trust registered in Delhi can get in touch with us for better and fast registration of the trust.

We provide all types of assistance in terms of the registration of the trust. We have trained and experienced professionals who care for the documentation and ensure that the trust is registered correctly.

Now let us check for the documents required to have a charitable trust registered –

  1. First of all, we need the details of the trustee; the trustee is the person who would be running the charitable trust. We need to get the name, occupation, address, age, designation, contact details, and a photo of the trustee. These details are required to ensure that the trust registered is genuine. We also ensure that the trustee also has a transparent and good track record.
  2. Address proof of the trustee is required; they can provide their aadhar card or voter card, passport, driving license, etc. To register the charitable trust electricity bill of the premises is required. In case the assumption is rented, then it is vital to get the NOC from the landlord.

While we help you with the registration process, many questions come up in your mind. We also contain a list of FAQs. This will allow any person to understand better about the charitable trust. Let us check for few examples –

  1. How minimum members are allowed in a trust – any charitable trust can have two members. It is a bare minimum requirement.
  2. How much time does it take to get the trust registered – if all the documents are acceptable and there are no issues, then it takes just 6-7 days to get the trust registered?
  3. Many of our clients are worried about whether they can work from their residence – the answer is yes, you can run your trust from an office.