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Society Registration

A society refers to an association where more than two people come together to do partake in charitable activities for the people. To that end, you can refer to a society as a Non Profit Association. However, to get the full benefit of such an association, you need to get Society registration in Delhi.

In a co-operative manner for non profit purposes to do something for the society

These societies are registered or the purpose of advancing certain charitable activities like: sports, art, culture, music, religion, education etc.

Governed under the Society Registration Act, India, this is one form of registration that you are looking for if you endeavour to start something with altruistic purposes.

Required Documents for Society Registration

The documents required for society registration are the following:

  1. PAN card
  2. Residential Proof
  3. Bye-laws
  4. Covering letter
  5. Address Proof
  6. List of the members of the society
  7. Self declaration from the president of the society

The Purpose of Society Registration

While you already might have gotten a general idea for the reason behind establishing and registering society, when you dive into explaining it in legal terms, the purposes are the following:

  1. Grant of Charitable assistance
  2. Promotion of Fine arts
  3. Promotion of Science and Literature
  4. Creation of Military orphan funds
  5. Diffusion of political education
  6. Maintenance or foundation of galleries or public museums.
  7. Maintenance orĀ  foundation of reading rooms and libraries
  8. Promotion of diffusion and instruction of useful knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The documents for new society registration are as follows: 1. Model By-laws 2. Performa of the enquiry 3. List of Promoted members 4. Copy of promotional meeting resolution resolving: a. Name of the society b. Admission fees c. Liabilities d. Total number of members e. Etc.

A society refers to an association of people coming together with a common goal in mind. A society is a non-profit association that has goal or the advancement of sports, religion, social causes etc.

While naming a society, you should keep the following in mind:

  1. The names that you choose should not attract the provisions of the names and emblems act 1950.
  2. The name that you choose for the society should be unique.
  3. You should not use any names or emblems without the permission of the authority.
  4. You are not allowed to sue the names of the national heroes.
  5. The name should not suggest any sort of obscenity.
  6. The names should adhere to the opinions of the registrar.

Memorandum of society refers to the charter of society. It entails the following information:

  1. Name of the society
  2. Objective of the society
  3. Names, addresses and occupation of the members of the society
  4. The registered office of the society.

The rights of the members of the society are as follows:

  1. Right to Vote
  2. Right to receive notices
  3. Right to receive copies of the bye laws
  4. Right to attend general body meetings
  5. Right to receive statement of accounts