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MCA Forms - INC-22A - eFiling Company
Prove to MCA that your company is active

File eForm INC 22A at just INR 1,999/-

Companies Registered before 31st December 2017 have to file the eForm INC 22A to prove to the MCA that they are active. We can help you with such compliance regardless of where you are in India.

DPT - 3 Form Filing - eFiling Company
Are you ready to file eForm DPT-3?

At just INR 1,999/-, We can assist you with file one-time return eForm DPT-3.

The eForm DPT-3 is the recent compliance that needs to be filled in India by certain companies that are under debt. If you are one of them, contact us right away and we shall begin with it.

MSME FORM 1 - eFiling Company
Are you late in your payment to MSME?

In case you are, at just INR 1,999/-, we can help you file half yearly return in form MSME-1.

In the event that your company is yet to pay for the services/goods taken from MSME, you need to file a half yearly return in MCA Form MSME-1 before the due date. Therefore, you should hurry.

Form INC - 20A - eFiling Company
Declare that you are ready to start your business

File eForm INC 20A at just INR 1999/-


EForm INC 20A is for the declaration of commencement of business. We can provide you services to file this latest eForm.